Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is appointed by the Director, and consists of senior faculty from basic sciences and clinical departments at UC Irvine. Each member is asked to serve a two-year term.  The Executive Committee meets regularly and actively participates in establishing the goals and direction of the Institute, as well as providing critical evaluation of ongoing programs.

Photo of  Andrea J. Tenner, Ph.D.
Andrea J. Tenner, Ph.D.
Professor and Associate Dean Molecular Biology & Biochemistry

Innate Immunity; Inflammation; Complement; Alzheimer’s disease; Cell Surface Receptors; Phagocytosis.

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Photo of  Aileen J. Anderson, Ph.D.
Aileen J. Anderson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation; Anatomy & Neurobiology

Role of inflammation in degeneration and regeneration of injured CNS; human CNS stem cell engraftment

Photo of  Claudia H. Kawas, M.D.
Claudia H. Kawas, M.D.
Professor Neurology; Neurobiology & Behavior

Successful aging; The 90+ Study; Oldest old, Dementia; Alzheimer’s disease.

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Photo of  Steven L. Small, M.D., Ph.D.
Steven L. Small, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor and Chair Neurology

Brain and language; aphasia; network modeling; stroke.

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Photo of  Carl W. Cotman, Ph.D.
Carl W. Cotman, Ph.D.
Professor and Founding Director Neurology; Neurobiology & Behavior

Exercise; neurotrophic support; neuroinflammation

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