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Days 3/4 Recap from AAIC 2019

Days 3-4 at #AAIC19 included more impressive poster presentations from UCI MIND researchers AND prestigious poster awards received by TWO postdoctoral trainees 👏 Congrats to Drs. Lindsay Hohsfield (Kim Green lab) & Davis Woodworth (Ahmad Sajjadi lab)!

Postdoctoral trainee in Dr. Kim Green’s lab, Dr. Lindsay Hohsfield, won the Basic & Translational Science Poster Competition at #AAIC19 for her innovative research on the association between microglia and tau pathology in Alzheimer’s disease.

Postdoctoral trainee with Dr. Ahmad Sajjadi, Dr. Davis Woodworth, won the Diagnosis & Prognosis Poster Competition at #AAIC19 for his innovative research into the utility of MRI detection of atrophy in hippocampal sclerosis.

Dr. Ahmad Sajjadi (left) with postdoctoral trainee, Dr. Davis Woodworth (right) at #AAIC19

The 90+ Study team, led by Drs. Claudia Kawas and Maria Corrada, presented multiple posters at #AAIC19, including this engaging poster by Dr. Zarui Melikyan on the association between sleep behavior and dementia risk in the oldest-old.

Dr. David Baglietto-Vargas, a project scientist in Dr. Frank LaFerla’s lab, presented a poster on next generation mouse models to study sporadic Alzheimer’s disease as part of the Model-AD consortium.

Neuroscientists and former REMIND co-chairs, Drs. Alessandra Martini (left) and Stefania Forner (right), collaborated with international investigators on Down syndrome research and next generation mouse models at #AAIC19.

Michelle Nuno (left), a graduate trainee in the labs of Drs. Dan Gillen & Josh Grill (right), presented a poster at #AAIC19 on the implications of study partner/participant relationship on the prediction of cognitive performance in preclinical Alzheimer’s disease research.