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Clinical Core

David Sultzer, MD, Professor, Psychiatry & Human Behavior, School of Medicine

Led by Dr. David Sultzer, the Clinical Core at the UCI Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center (ADRC) helps hundreds of families affected by Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), Alzheimer’s disease, and related disorders while gathering invaluable data on clinical presentation and progression of brain diseases for use by researchers.

Participants enrolled in the UCI ADRC Longitudinal Study undergo comprehensive annual evaluations that include a neurological and physical examination, neuropsychological assessment, brain imaging, lumbar puncture, blood and diagnostic tests, and an interview with a study partner (usually a close family member or friend).

Unless cultural or religious beliefs prohibit it, participants are also asked to consider brain donation upon death.  Data collected from participants is shared with Alzheimer’s disease investigators worldwide in a national database, the National Alzheimer’s Coordinating Center (NACC).


For Clinical Researchers:

A goal of the UCI ADRC Clinical Core is to assist investigators with allied research projects and participant recruitment, via access to the ADRC Longitudinal Cohort. The success of such collaborative projects relies on thoughtful planning and communication at all phases of the research, including the planning phase.

The ADRC Longitudinal Cohort has completed annual clinical assessments with all participants since 1988. The NIA’s Uniform Data Set (UDS) was implemented in 2005, standardizing much of the clinic’s data collection across all ADRC’s in the nation. If you are an investigator interested in recruiting study participants for your research proposal/project, we encourage PI’s to reach out and provide sufficient information to the ADRC Clinical Cohort Research Development Committee to promote an effective collaboration.

Please use the button below to submit your research recruitment proposal to the ADRC Clinical Cohort Research Development Committee:

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