Resources to guide clinicians in the diagnosis and management of Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive problems.

CADC WebsiteCADC Website

Diagnostic Toolkit

Step-by-step assessment for primary care providers evaluating cognitive complaints

California Alzheimer’s Disease Centers and Department of Public Health

Toolkit Manual

Instructions for the use and interpretation of the diagnostic toolkit

California Alzheimer’s Disease Centers and Department of Public Health

Clinical Care Guidelines

Recommendations for health care professionals for the clinical management of Alzheimer’s disease

The California Department of Public Health

Communicating MCI Diagnoses

Recommendations for communicating diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment with and without amyloid imaging


Screening for Cognitive Impairment

Recommendation statement

The US Preventive Services Task Force

MCI Practice Guideline Update Summary

Physician tools and materials

Alzheimer’s Association

Assessment of Cognitive Complaints Toolkit

Provider Wellness Visit/Screening Tool Flow Sheet

California Alzheimer’s Disease Centers

Assessment of Cognitive Complaints Pocket Guide

Provider Wellness visit/Screening Tool Pocket Guide

California Alzheimer’s Disease Centers

Dementia Guidelines Index

Clinical guidelines and recommendations for providing dementia care

Alzheimer’s Association, government, and professional organizations