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The faculty and staff of UCI MIND wish to express our gratitude for the time and commitment that valued participants and study partners contribute to each clinical research study. No major advance in dementia treatment, prevention, or care is possible without your participation. These studies instruct scientists and clinicians about disease progression, how behavior and lifestyle factors affect health, and the safety and effectiveness of investigational therapies.

Watch the video updates below to learn how your contributions are making a difference.

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Research Participants

This page serves as a resource for participants, family members, and friends who are actively enrolled in a research study at the UCI Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center. Check back regularly for study updates, messages from the research team, informational videos, and resources. For specific questions related to your study, please review the FAQ section or contact our research team:

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Clinical Trials

Click here if you or your loved one participates in a clinical trial and you would like to review trial-specific information and updates.

Longitudinal Cohort

Click here if you or your loved one participates in the Longitudinal Study and you would like to review cohort-specific information and updates.


Click here for frequently asked questions related to research study logistics, who to contact, etc.


Click here for information, study updates, and resources related to the evolving COVID-19 pandemic.

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