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Outreach, Recruitment, and Engagement Core

To prevent and effectively treat Alzheimer’s disease by 2025 – as set forth in the National Plan to Address Alzheimer’s Disease – will require effective collaboration and communication between researchers and the community.

Josh Grill, Professor, Psychiatry & Human Behavior

Led by Dr. Joshua Grill, the Outreach, Recruitment, and Engagement (ORE) Core of the UCI Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center (ADRC) aims to increase community knowledge and awareness of brain health, Alzheimer’s disease, and research participation opportunities through a variety of education and outreach activities.

Some of these community actvities include newsletter publications and blog postings, online and in-person Q&A sessions with researchers, and community conferences and lectures. In addition, the ORE Core engages in ongoing projects to better understand community knowledge and attitudes toward clinical research participation, with the goal of improving enrollment in Alzheimer’s disease research studies. One of these projects is the UCI Consent-to-Contact (C2C) Registry, an online tool to help match adults interested in research participation with clinical studies at UCI.

Another focus of the ORE Core is outreach to Asian Americans, who represent a large portion of the Orange County population.  Asian Americans are the fastest growing minority group in the United States and few studies are available to instruct potential cultural differences in dementia prevalence, caregiving, attitudes toward diagnosis, or participation in research.  With guidance its Asian American Advisory Board, the UCI ADRC engages the Asian American community in brain aging research through culturally tailored education materials and events.

Outreach, Recruitment, and Education Core Leaders: