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Days 4 & 5: Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in London

By July 21, 2017In the News

The final 2 days of AAIC 2017 were informative and collaborative for UCI MIND researchers.

Day 4 included poster presentations by Chelsea Cox and Dr. Ahmad Sajjadi, and Day 5 featured a lecture by Dr. Andrea Tenner on the biology of complement risk genes in Alzheimer’s disease.

Additionally, Dr. Lindsay Hohsfield was awarded first place in the postdoctoral poster competition held earlier in the week. We congratulate Lindsay on this accomplishment and all our investigators who shared their cutting-edge work at AAIC this year!

In the news, Dr. Gil Rabinovici from the UCSF ADRC presented initial results from the IDEAS study on the impact of amyloid PET imaging in clinical care>

And Dr. Randall Bateman from the Washington University, St. Louis ADRC shared promising results of a potential new blood test to more efficiently identify individuals with elevated brain amyloid levels, which could lead to improved clinical care and recruitment to Alzheimer’s disease prevention trials>