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12th Annual Emerging Scientists Symposium

By March 23, 2021In the News

Last week, UCI MIND’s trainee-led organization REMIND hosted their 12th Annual Emerging Scientists Symposium. The event was hosted virtually on Zoom for the first time and featured six trainee presentations: Sepideh Kiani Shabestari in Dr. Blurton-Jones’ lab, Emily Miyoshi in Dr. Swarup’s lab, Michael Neel in Dr. Monuki’s lab, Dr. Christian Crouzet in Dr. Choi’s lab, Dr. Angela Gomez in Dr. Tenner’s lab, and Dr. Atena Zahedi in Dr. Anderson’s lab. Presentations were followed by a trainee poster competition with innovative research projects on Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological disorders and a keynote lecture from Dr. Tony Wyss-Coray from Stanford University.

Outstanding Predoctoral Poster

Gianna M. Fote

Dr. Leslie Thompson’s lab

Outstanding Predoctoral Poster

Marina M. Ritchie

Drs. Joshua Grill and Daniel Gillen’s lab

Outstanding Postdoctoral Poster and Carl W. Cotman Scholar’s Award

Ashley A. Keiser, PhD

Dr. Marcelo Wood's lab

Carl W. Cotman Scholar’s Award

Amanda McQuade

Dr. Mathew Blurton-Jones' lab

Carl W. Cotman Scholar’s Award

Mary M. Ryan

Drs. Joshua Grill and Daniel Gillen’s lab

Sponsors for the symposium included MODEL-AD, UCI MIND, UCI School of Biological Sciences, UCI Sue & Bill Gross Stem Cell Research Center, and UCI Departments of Statistics, Neurobiology & Behavior, Neurology, and Pathology & Laboratory Medicine. UCI MIND thanks our faculty members and REMIND co-chairs for making the event possible and congratulates all the outstanding graduate students and postdoctoral scholars who participated in this collaborative symposium.