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How is Alzheimer’s disease diagnosed?

By August 23, 2019Community Events

How is Alzheimer’s disease diagnosed? October 25th Research Conference #SpeakerSpotlight:

Dr. David Sultzer is a board-certified Geriatric Psychiatrist and Professor of Psychiatry & Human Behavior at UCI School of Medicine. After more than 20 years at UCLA and the West Los Angeles VA Hospital, Dr. Sultzer recently joined the team at UCI MIND and leads its clinical research operations, including clinical trials for new treatments. He is internationally recognized for his research activities to better understand the phenomenology, pathophysiology, and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

In the session “Advances in Clinical Diagnosis,” Dr. Sultzer will explain how doctors arrive at a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease and importantly, how diagnosis has changed and improved over the past several decades.

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