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Alzheimer’s research funding gets a $414 million boost

By March 23, 2018In the News

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This week, Congress finalized the 2018 budget for the National Institutes of Health (NIH), which included a $414 million increase in funding for Alzheimer’s disease research. This brings the total amount of dementia research funding to $1.8 billion. Thank you to all, including our research participants, faculty, staff, and community partners, who advocate tirelessly for increased funding, resources, and awareness for Alzheimer’s disease.

“Costs for treating Alzheimer’s in particular eat up billions in federal spending each year, something lawmakers said could be prevented if the NIH can develop a cure,” The Hill reported (read more>).

Continued investment in Alzheimer’s disease research is critical to help reach our nation’s goal as outlined in the National Alzheimer’s Project Act to prevent and effectively treat Alzheimer’s disease by 2025. To directly support Alzheimer’s research happening locally at UCI MIND, click here.