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CDC reports 55% increase in U.S. deaths due to Alzheimer’s

By May 26, 2017Commentary, In the News

Today, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) confirmed what researchers at UCI MIND have long known to be true: Alzheimer’s disease is an escalating public health crisis that requires increased attention. The report examined rates of death due to Alzheimer’s disease from 1999 to 2014 and found a staggering 55% national increase over that time. Rates were higher among women than men and among non-Hispanic whites compared to other racial/ethnic populations. However, over this time period Alzheimer’s death rates saw a greater increase within minority groups compared to non-Hispanic whites. The report also confirmed that the number of Alzheimer’s deaths is highest in the state of California.

The long-term morbidity and ultimate mortality due to Alzheimer’s disease continues to have serious implications on unpaid family caregivers and our healthcare system, such that total health and long-term care costs are expected to exceed $250 billion in 2017 and escalate to $1 trillion by 2050.  People affected by the disease and those at risk need answers, and they need them now. Research is the key. Read the full report here and learn how you can get involved here.