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Day 2 Recap from AAIC 2019

Day 2 of #AAIC19 included lectures on sleep and Alzheimer’s disease from Drs. Ruth Benca and Bryce Mander, opportunities for collaboration, and rich discussion over poster presentations from numerous UCI MIND faculty and trainees.

Dr. Ruth Benca, UCI Professor & Chair of Psychiatry & Human Behavior, was invited to deliver a plenary lecture among the world’s experts in Alzheimer’s disease research. #AAIC19

Dr. Ruth Benca presented a plenary lecture on sleep and Alzheimer’s disease to over 5,000 international investigators at #AAIC19

ASK! Open Q&A session with Dr. Ruth Benca after her plenary lecture #AAIC19

Dr. Bryce Mander presented on using local slow-wave measured during non-REM sleep to track beta amyloid status. #AAIC19

Co-Principal Investigator of the 90+ Study, Dr. Maria Corrada, with brain imaging expert and neuroscientist, Dr. Craig Stark, at #AAIC19

Mary Ryan, trainee in the labs of Drs. Dan Gillen and Josh Grill, presented on the accuracy of participant vs. study partner prediction and identification of cognitive impairment in preclinical Alzheimer’s disease. #AAIC19