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Governor’s Task Force on Alzheimer’s Prevention and Preparedness

Dear friends of UCI MIND,

Last week, Maria Shriver and the Governor’s Task Force on Alzheimer’s Prevention and Preparedness presented a report describing their 10 recommendations to Governor Gavin Newsom. Click here to view the report.

The Governor was extremely receptive to the recommendations. We anticipate movement in the coming months to years on these important initiatives to improve the lives of Californians living with dementia and their families and to increase Alzheimer’s awareness, risk reduction education, and research.

We would like to thank the many UCI MIND stakeholders who participated in the Task Force listening session as part of this year-long effort. We would especially like to acknowledge Task Force member Paula Gann, an advocate for individuals with Alzheimer’s and Down syndrome, as well as members of the Task Force ancillary “brain trust,” faculty member Dr. Steven Tam and community advocate Steve O’Leary.

On behalf of UCI MIND, we wish you all a safe and happy Thanksgiving and look forward to this positive development during a most challenging year.

With gratitude,

Joshua D. Grill, PhD
Director, UCI MIND