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Healthy, Drug-Resistant Microglia Reinvigorate Mouse Brain

By January 9, 2023Carousel Slider, In the News

Only Mutants. While wild-type human microglia perished in mice after two months of CSF1R inhibitor treatment (left), G795A microglia expanded to fill the entire brain (green, right). [Courtesy of Chadarevian et al., Journal of Experimental Medicine, 2022.]

UCI MIND faculty member and professor, Mathew Blurton-Jones, PhD, is featured in AlzForum for his lab’s recent collaborative work on creating a new strain of resistant microglia. Lead author and graduate student in the Blurton-Jones lab, Jean Paul Chadarevian, along with collaborators at the University of Pennsylvania published their innovative work in Journal of Experimental Medicine in the December 2022 issue.