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Sign Petition to Support Public Health Measures in OC

By June 16, 2020Commentary, COVID-19

Public Health First

As our community is opening up, elected officials, governmental entities, community-based organizations, health care providers, educational institutions, businesses, and concerned community members must come together to do more to protect the health and safety of all of us. To prevent the re-closure of businesses and regress in our efforts from these past three months, safe, comprehensive strategies of evidence-based preventative measures is encouraged. Orange County residents need our leaders to stand strong and continue encouraging recommendations from our public health officials in a uniform voice. We understand it’s difficult to support rules that may face some public opposition, but the health and safety of our community needs to be put first.

Based on guidance rooted in science from the Centers of Disease Control (CDC), and the World Health Organization (WHO), preventive measures to suppress transmission and save lives from COVID-19 includes face masks. As a community we understand that economics is a critical part of people’s health and well-being, and we understand the value of having healthy workers and healthy families for both short-term productivity and long term sustainability. Therefore, as Orange County, along with the State of California, continues down the “Resilience Roadmap” – it is even more crucial that we elevate preventative measures to suppress transmission and save lives. Masks or face coverings will not only allow the County to mitigate transmission but it can prove to be a cost-effective way of reducing re-emergence of the virus allowing our economy to continue upon a positive growth trajectory.

The Coronavirus pandemic has highlighted health and economic disparities. Essential workers, healthcare providers, ethnic communities, the elderly, and those with compromised immune systems are disproportionately impacted and at danger of dying. Implementing preventive public health measures will reduce the spread of the virus. It is our duty to mitigate the higher infection and death rates for those that are the most vulnerable.

We must all promote positive public health messages and take preventative actions now more than ever before. We must support preventive measures that will help preserve our health and economy. We urge the Board of Supervisors to keep protective health measures in place so that our communities remain healthy and safe.

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