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Two UCI researchers examine the ethical implications involved in enrollment into clinical trials

By October 15, 2021Commentary, In the News

Autosomal Dominant Neurodegenerative Diseases (ADND) like Huntington’s disease and the rare form of inherited early onset Alzheimer’s disease are particularly challenging brain disorders, in part because they often begin at an early age.

Sarah Hernandez, PhD

Lindsay Hohsfield, PhD

UCI MIND researchers, Drs. Sarah Hernandez (Thompson Lab) and Lindsay Hohsfield (Green Lab) recently published a perspective article in the Journal of Translational Medicine on the added scientific and ethical issues that should be considered when enrolling participants of child-bearing potential into ADND prevention clinical trials.

To better understand their unique perspective on this topic read their paper >

To learn more about this rare inherited form of Alzheimer’s disease visit, a non-profit organization started by Dr. Hohsfield to provide support to patients and families affected by young onset dementia and accelerate current research efforts.