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VIDEO: Can we change our genes and risk for Brain Diseases? with Marcelo Wood, PhD

By October 2, 2020October 6th, 2020Commentary, Community Events


UCI MIND Facebook LIVE Video Series

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Can we change our genes and risk for brain diseases?


About the Speaker:

Marcelo Wood, PhD is a Professor and Chair of Neurobiology and Behavior in the UCI School of Biological Sciences. He received a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Colorado, Boulder. From there, he changed fields to study the molecular mechanisms underlying cancer biology at Princeton University, where he received his PhD. He then switched fields again to study the role of epigenetic mechanisms underlying long-term memory. His lab currently focuses on the role epigenetic mechanisms involved in synaptic plasticity, normal long-term memory processes, memory processes associated with drugs of abuse, and age-related memory impairments.


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