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With Mother’s Day in MIND

By May 11, 2018Commentary

Reflections on Mother’s Day by Virginia Naeve and Dr. Rosalyn Laudati, members of the UCI MIND Leadership Council.

I just received an email advertisement from a lovely seaside restaurant stating that they are providing a “Mother’s Day Brunch that your mother will never forget.” I would have loved taking mom there on Mother’s Day, but Alzheimer’s disease forever changed those kinds of plans for us.

Up until about the last four years of mom’s disease, we always loved Mother’s Day. Unfortunately, as her disease progressed, it was heartbreaking for me to realize that Mother’s Day had lost its meaning for her. As I always explain to people, Mom knew that when I walked into the room I was in some way important to her, but she had absolutely no idea that I was her daughter and that she gave birth to me.

That is still a sobering thought. My own mother had no idea that I was her daughter. That fact alone keeps me interested and focused on supporting Alzheimer’s research until a cure is found.

Virginia Naeve



Mother’s Day for me has been difficult since I lost my mom to Alzheimer’s almost 2 years ago. I miss her terribly and have become more resolved to help find a cure for this scourge.

My mom was physically fit and healthy in all other ways. This disease took her from me too early and I have become more determined to help with the fight to eradicate its devastation for families. I will help by continuing to support the researchers at UCI MIND. I hope you will too.

Dr. Rosalyn Laudati


With the research taking place at UCI MIND, there is real hope we can prevent this disease. Please consider supporting this research today by making a gift in tribute to someone special in your life on Mother’s Day.


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